The Journey Begins

Well… I just opened this by the advice of a friend of mine (Thanks a lot… Cake was great. Sorry I made you be late for school that day) and I’ll use it as an alternate expression channel besides what I write in my songs and that kinda crap.

There isn’t a lot to say about myself so far: I’m stuck creatively: Songs ain’t coming out, sound is pretty much goin down the toilet, We all are confused and frustrated because we don’t know exactly where we heading to, musically speaking… But I gues this is just another stage of a band that is still trying to find its own identity.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow: We decided to stay away from studio for awhile, and focus on create, compose, make music… And try to keep our heads, our hearts and our enthusiasm in a single and common direction: Josephine. We’ll go to Frank’s tomorrow and see what happens since we got no time and money pressure from a studio we obviously don’t own and we rent for a couple hours a week. Hopefully this back-to-origins will give me the inspiration I need to create what I feel our bests song are.

I guess this is the part I need to speak bout the guys… But I won’t. I’m sure through time I’ll keep talking bout them, their personalities, their actions, words, comments… And whatever we live together as a band.

Well… time to go.

Later. Deepest respect