Unleashing the beast

In an unexpected and surprizing way, I saw Astrid yesterday. In case you’re not familiar with Josephine’s history, Astrid is Phil’s sister and our first lead singer. I love this little girl (Well… not that little anymore, she’s 23 now) and I always rejoice myself when I talk to her, even though we’re kinda busy every single time we do.

Anyways, in our short talk, we’ve decided to bring the monster back to life, officialy. I mean, we’ve talked before in a sort of informal way to bring the band back (Now that she graduated from college) but never too seriously. I promised her to talk about that on sunday, and I have never let her down with a promise I’ve made to her, so I’m willing to deliver.

As usual, I’m exultant, hopeful and extremely happy with start making music again. And I’m really looking forward to get together and start doing the thing we love the most when we’re hanging out: Bringing a guitar, turn the keyboard on and set some samples on the computer. I suppose that Josephine’s new direction will be a total opposite from styles we have tried before, since we’re a bit older and our experiences are way different four years from now.

We are a family back again, and you have no idea how happy the simple tought makes me be. I assure you all that you will hear things from us from now on. Maybe I’ll post a song next time I write.

Deepest Respects.


Update: We decided to wait for Phil to finish his School duties, supposedly on the first week of May. Which means we will start working on the new material on June or so… Anyways, I just can hardly wait. I’m really happy for this.